Denny Cybalski, President, is the industry anchor of the Denzil team. With nearly thirty years of real estate development, construction and property management in both the residential and ICI sectors, Cybalski has hands on experience in the development of over one million square feet of retail/commercial/industrial facilities and countless residential units in both single family and multi-unit projects.

With strong ties to a broad range of commercial lenders and an enviable relationship with a myriad of contacts with national and regional tenants, Cybalski is able to assemble the necessary players at both ends of the spectrum to produce an economic picture satisfactory to all stakeholders.

Mr. Cybalski’s experience has earned him the respect of industry peers; he holds the position of Chairman of the City of Kitchener Committee of Adjustments; exficio Honorary Past Chairman of Kitchener Housing Kitchener Housing. Inc & Kitchener Non-Profit Property Management Inc. and Chairman of the Better Business Bureau of Central Ontario.

Denny Cybalski

Liz Cybalski 

Leasing and Property Management


Cell: 519-572-7460