Equity Partnerships

Denzil assembles a group of interested investors into an equity partnership structure for each project undertaken. Our equity partners are sophisticated individuals who recognize the cash flow returns and long term equity build available through property investment, yet have no desire to manage complex real estate affairs on a day-to-day basis. 

The number of equity units available and value of each varies from venture to venture, however the legal structure normally reflects a limited general partnership under the Limited Partnerships Act or a company incorporated under the Business Corporations Act.

Most of our partnership structures contemplate delivery of a paid return to the partner, along with longer term goals of debt reduction and asset appreciation resulting in increased equity value. 

 Denzil considers opportunities involving turnkey sites; re-development or adaptive re-use of existing sites; and new construction/development of raw land on either a design build or pre-lease basis. 


On a selective basis, Denzil will consider design/build projects for established & well capitalized users. Our team of associated trades and professionals are well equipped to deal with all aspects of design/build from site selection and design through financing, tendering, approvals and project management. 

Purchase & Leaseback

 Denzil’s innovative approach to the structure of real estate partnerships can also bring broader business solutions to dynamic enterprises. Business ventures in need of capital to fund expansion, succession and estate planning, and various other commercial motivators may wish to sell existing real estate assets on a lease-back basis, freeing up equity while avoiding the disruption of relocation. Under some circumstances, an owner of a cproperty may find it desirable to dispose of real assets while not attracting the degree of attention normally associated with the traditional real estate listing process. Denzil is able to assist in the determination of fair market value and arrange for a seamless and relatively transparent conversion of assets to cash in such situations. 

Space Planning

 Denzil’s principals and associated trade professionals boast exhaustive experience in assisting in design and layout of interior workspaces. We regularly work with tenants, both existing and prospective, to optimize usable area while incorporating maximum functionality into spatial design. Very often, our input results in the need for less square footage – hence cost containment for the user – than initially anticipated.